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My Purpose is to Support You

Throughout our lives, we each have moments when we wonder how do I manage what I am currently facing, what am I “supposed” to be doing, where do I make changes in my life to destress, when will I find my purpose, or why am I not happier? Often we simply need a trusted person who can listen and offer support.  Sometimes, we need someone to show us the steps to begin our journey and walk with us part of the way.  If you are ready to start answering these questions or to begin that journey, I am here to collaborate with you and offer my insight, skills, experience, and confidentiality. My areas of specialty are helping teenagers and young adults maneuver through the academic world and the issues they face and working with adults in addressing various life concerns such as relationships, purpose, and fulfillment. Together we will tackle whatever concern or issue you have.



Support That Makes a Difference


Finding Your Purpose
Realizing Your Dream

Being the Best You

Do you know what you want out of life? Do you have a goal or a dream that seems impossible to reach? Or do you have a welling desire that you cannot put into words? A life coach can help you define your goals and set an attainable plan into action. Regardless of the area in which you would like to focus (personal, professional, marital, relational, or any other), a life coach gives you support, guidance and advice in a supportive, nonjudgmental and confidential manner as you are reaching and realizing the best you.

Happiness Coaching

Reclaim Your Life, Reclaim Your Joy

Does happiness feel like an illusive goal? Regardless of what you are doing to be happy, it does not seem to be working? A life coach can help you maneuver through the obstacles that are blocking your happiness. If stress or lack of time are constantly sucking the joy out of your life, or perhaps you are grieving the loss of a person, pet, or profession, a life coach can support you as you address the stumbling blocks in your way. In our sessions, I will work with you to reclaim your time and learn the power of words. As your collaborative partner, I will stand with you as you process your grief. Whatever it is that is holding you back from happiness, we will address it together so that you are free to express your joy!


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