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Veazey Life Coaching Welcomes You

Career Pathway Coach

Goal Setting & Attainment Guru

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Hi! I am Leah Veazey a Career Pathway Coach

I am a coach for students and adults who are tired of feeling overwhelmed, confused, or just plain afraid of having to make a life-defining career choice. I help them confidently and purposefully select a career path so that they can pursue with clarity and inspiration a profession that has the promise to bring contentment, fulfillment, and accomplishment to their lives.


A Career Pathway that Excites You


Breaking Free!

4-Week Program

Your future, your plans – those should be so exciting to you, but you cringe every time you think about them. If someone asks you about your plans for after high school or college, you are instantly anxious or angry. Does this sound like you? That’s no fun. Let me help you break free from those gnawing, annoying feelings regarding your future profession so that you can eagerly pursue your adult life.

This 4-week program walks you through questions, conversations, and activities to help you figure out who you are and what you want out of life. We’ll highlight your talents and skills, as well as identify your uniqueness and what matters to you. When it is all put together, you will be able to confidently choose a career path.

Charging Forward!

6-Week Program

This 6-week program is for the student (and adult, too!) who wants to delve a little bit deeper into what makes them tick.  In addition to the information covered in Breaking Free!, Charging Forward! includes two weeks of personality, values, interests, and skills assessments and conversations that take us further with what you really want for your life and which career will best fulfill that.


Are You Ready to Start? So am I!

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Old River Winfree, TX

+1 (409) 241-6515

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