Sessions & Rates

Veazey Life Coaching - Supporting You Wherever You Are

Breaking Free!

4-Week Career Program - $500

The 4-week program takes the student through a series of questions, conversations, and activities to help clarify the career(s) that would bring the most satisfaction to the student. This program includes 5 thirty-minute telehealth sessions and a downloadable workbook.

* Additional a la carte sessions (academic planning, college admissions, etc) are available. Contact me for details.

Charging Forward!

6-Week Career Program - $650

In addition to the information covered in the 4-week program, Charging Forward! includes two weeks of personality, values, interests, and skills assessments with 2 additional telehealth sessions to discuss the results and findings. This longer program includes 7 thirty-minute telehealth sessions, a downloadable workbook, and on-going access to the assessment program.

* Additional a la carte sessions are available. Contact me for details.

Personal Coaching

45-minute Individual Session - $120

Alright, maybe you'd like some help on things other than choosing your future job. No worries! I can help you out with that stuff, too. 

I am a great "professional mom" or "other aunt" for you to bounce ideas off of, vent to, or get some different solutions from so that you can come up with the best way to handle whatever relationship, academic, or personal matter is bothering you.

* Bundling available for 4+ sessions