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About Me

A Few Things You May - or May Not - Want To Know About Me

Welcome to Veazey Life Coaching.

Hello, I am Leah. I confess that my original career path was not leading me toward a life in counseling or life coaching. Far from it. In fact, I left high school with an appointment to the US Naval Academy where I was going to study aerospace engineering. I did not walk in there blindly.  My father had flown Navy F4 Phantom jets off the USS Midway during Vietnam. He met my adventurous mother at the U.S. Naval Base in Subic Bay, Philippines while she was teaching on the base. Back in the United States, my dad taught at Miramar Naval Air Station, which is now a Marine Corps base, while I was little. I understood military. Perhaps because I was only a few weeks into my eighteenth year when I arrived at the Naval Academy and maybe not yet mature enough to be there, I did not stay, although my commanding officer had my father flown there to try to convince me to stay. I transferred to the University of Texas, Austin and tried the ROTC program there.  As soon as I arrived in Austin, I knew I had made a mistake leaving the Academy, but that ship had sailed, so to speak.

I was lost. Depressed. Embarrassed. Before I knew it, I was in the middle of an identity crisis and clueless. After bumbling around  Austin, attending the courses I had chosen that followed no degree plan, working at an Embassy Suites hotel, and running with my friends, something came to me in a very quiet moment (which was rare) - I wanted to help people. My mom reminded me of an autobiographical project that I had done in sixth grade.  In it, I wrote that I wanted to help people and animals. After four years of consternation, something I declared as a  twelve year-old held true. Now the question was, what did that look like?

As you would imagine, by this point, my parents just wanted me to graduate. After all, my younger brother was close on my heels with his college degree.  I returned home from Austin and then transferred to Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches. Teaching was not exactly my calling in life, but it appeared that a degree in English and History was about the only thing the advisor could pull from my UT transcript. My dad declared that I needed a teaching certificate to go with it. Being a bit chagrinned and wanting to wrap up this college ordeal, I went along with it. In three semesters and two summers, I graduated SFA with a double major and a teaching certificate.

Remember, I had not wanted to teach. So, I went back to doing what I had been doing since I transferred to SFA... I worked in a music store at a mall. But now that I was free of college, I could move into management, which I did. Yet the pulling within me to be of service to others in their lives led me into teaching after all. I loved my students, but the disciplining was not my thing. I looked around, and my twelve year-old self spoke up again and this time I understood - I wanted to go into counseling to help others make a positive difference in their lives! Therefore, that is what I did.

After my second year teaching in the classroom, I enrolled in graduate school and completed a masters degree in counseling. I became a certified Texas school counselor. I had a fulfilling career for over twenty years as a high school counselor. My serving as a high school counselor has strengthened my skills with helping people set goals and plan for the future, with relationship issues, with communication skills, and with helping people figure out who they are.

One of my innate gifts is to be able to really listen to people and hear what they are saying - even if they do not hear it themselves. I have an ability to hone in on where people are and to be empathetic. During my years of  counseling, I worked not only with students, but with parents, family units, and staff members. I have also worked with students with special needs. After years counseling, I have worked with students and adults in many walks of life and with varied background stories. Academic concerns, relationships, peer issues, stress, and goal-setting are some of my special areas. 

When I decided to retire from public education, I still wanted to be directly involved in serving others using the experiences and skills I had gained through the years as a high school guidance counselor. A dear friend who was about to start a new company devoted to mental health and well-being on both in-person and telehealth formats convinced me to be a part of this new venture. Thus, Veazey Life Coaching was born. Life coaching is an exciting new way to serve and help others.

The vast experiences and situations that I have encountered along the way, I bring with me into every session. The diverging paths that I took in realizing my life's purpose enable me to appreciate and understand the gnawing drive in others to sometimes make a change. The life coaching certifications that I hold broaden the approach that I take with my clients and offer a different set of tools by which my clients and I may address specific areas of concern, from finding one's purpose, to goal-setting, and to rediscovering happiness and fulfillment.

If you would prefer a faith-based approach, I am comfortable with that. As your life coach, I will actively listen to you and ask the hard questions. I will be your guide and sounding board. I will not give you the answers, but will facilitate your discovery of them through diligent, sometimes difficult, self-exploration and work. You will have access to my knowledge, intuition, and experience, both professional and personal. If you are ready to actively pursue a positive change in your world, I look forward to working with you on your journey.


    Career Pathway Selection

    Goal Setting and Attainment

    Academic Concerns

    College Admissions

    Life Transitions

    Purpose and Happiness Finding


Client Focus:

    Faith: Christian

    Teenagers/Young Adults